The dashboard as I first saw it - scruffy, but sound enough. The radio had been wedged into its removeable slot using bits of cardboard to hold it in (breaking the grey plastic surround).

This generation of dashboard (often referred to as the "two-tone" dash) was used from around 1961/62 until 1968 (when it became all black with rocker switches for one year only). The equivalent DS dash was similar, but the top swept down on the passenger side, with a sloping glove-box lid. Post '69 DS dashboards were all black and became flatter and simpler in appearance.

The aftermarket wheel 'glove' must have been fitted when the car was new. I've recently remove it to reveal the pristine original black vinyl banding which forms the wheel grip.

It might be worth revisiting this photo when you get to the series of pictures showing its eventual restoration . . .