Front and rear bumpers refurbished. They have been polished and reassembled with all the brackets and ducting (now grey or brown coated). I used stainless steel bolts throughout. The rear bumper blade was polished with rubber over-riders in situ as they proved impossible to remove intact.

Also visible is the aluminium spare wheel support bar. This and the delicate aluminium roof rail trim sections (still wrapped) were cleaned and/or polished very carefully by Ian Broscombe.

Ian also had to 'relieve' the rear bumper of various dents and scratches. I could probably have found a better bumper, but I felt it was good to keep as any of the original parts as possible (if only for cost reasons), and I was never trying to achieve a 'concours' finish anyway.

At the top can be seen one of the brown leather Pallas door cards and the innards if the rear centre arm rest.