Little Details . . .

Much of the brightwork (such as door handles, badges, roof trim, boot hinges etc.) was polished by my friend Ian Broscombe, who I knew I could trust not to damage the more delicate items.

I acquired some spare door handles to replace some of the existing which had seized studs or other damage.

I fitted extra rubber grommets to prevent any rattling of door and boot handles.

Brand new locks and barrels were fitted to ensure that the car can be made secure when in every day use.

It is interesting to note that on this (1968) ID, some items are made of aluminium which were later manufactured from other metals:

Aluminium roof/gutter trim (later stainless steel)

Aluminium boot hinges (later mazak)


Stainless steel door handles (mazak on UK built cars)

Stainless steel bumpers (previously aluminium)