Dyane 4x4 - bodyshell repairs

(Top left) I spent some time carefully removing all the underseal from the rear wheelarched prior to blasting. There had been some repairs done in the past, but these seemed to be good quality. I also removed the bump stops and re-painted them ready for re-fitting. This view shows how the boot floor had been extended to go over the rear transmission. Most if the 2CV 4x4s have the whole boot floor and the rear lighting panel cut away, with the lights moved to the tailgate - but I wanted to retain an original appearance.

(Lower left) The inside of the lower bulkhead was in fairly good condition, but I removed ALL the mastic and sound-deadening prior to sandblasting. (several) years later I still haven't replaced the sound deadening - I would rather hear the engine louder than risk trapping moisture. This photo clearly shows the front end of the transmission tunnel modification.

(RH photo) The only place which had to be repaired AFTER sandblasting (not so obvious before) was the RH 'C' pillar flange. I had already started re-sealing the floors here.

New 'C' pillar sections (box section with flange) are available from the 2CVGB spares department.