Dyane 4x4 - bodyshell repairs

(Top and lower left) There was significant rot in certain parts of the upper bulkhead - mainly behind the bonnet hinge, and around the top of the dash vent apertures. I bought a repair panel from the 2CVGB Spares Organisation (SPOG), but only used the lower half because the windscreen flange and area below was in surprisingly good condition. I used the repair section as far up as the top of the recess below the screen, and plug welded it behind the metal of the original recess for extra strength.

(Top right) A small repair was needed above the centre of the windscreen, where the hood closing bar lands. This tricky patch caused a slight distortion which needed a skim of filler.

(Lower right) The rear panel had corroded around one of the numberplate mounting holes and needed repair. You can also see my solution to a common Dyane problem: the boot catch mounting tends to flex - leading to slamming of the tailgate (which ends up breaking or wearing out various parts). This modification allows the tailgate to be pushed gently shut - but requires some re-painting of the rear panel.