Dyane 4x4 bodyshell - initial preparation

I removed the shell and took it out to our open-fronted shed to assess what it needed. This was in the run-up to Christmas 2007 and I can remember being very cold . . .

By the time this photo was taken I had thouroughly scraped the entire underside and remove ALL traces of seam sealer. Many hours . . .

The car had previously had new floors fitted at the time it was converted to 4x4 (when it had been modified to take the transmission tunnel and rear differential).

The remaining original part of the boot floor shown here was in poor shape and I decided to replace it with thicker flat sheet metal while I was attending to other more minor repairs.

I had previously fitted the 20mm square tube side rails to strengthen the sills and stop some of the debris from the front wheels hitting the underside of the doors (one of the main reasons they normally rot).