Dyane 4x4 Chassis from the front.

Because the shell had been removed when the car was converted to 4x4 by Louis Barbour only 4 or 5 years previously (and this conversion required a special new chassis), it didn't take long to remove the body.

By the time this picture was taken I had already rebuilt the suspension (more detail later), but I also removed the upper and lower chassis plates in order to thoroughly inspect the cavity. All was in order; so I cleaned and wax treated it before replacing the plates.

This chassis is specially made in much thicker steel than the standard 2CV item, and as well as having the kick-up at the back to house the rear diff, it is deeper from top to bottom and has strong built-in outriggers. It is fully galvanised.

The 4x4 conversion also includes the specially-made transfer box (attached to the back of the gearbox, lower right of the picture) which takes the drive to the propshaft. The rear suspension arm pivot tube (or axle) has a special cut-out in the centre to allow the prop shaft to connect to the rear transmission (which is a modified 2CV gearbox with BX/Xantia rear brakes attached.

There can be very few other small 4x4s with fully independant suspension and inboard disc brakes all round . . .