Dyane 4x4 - rebuilt! - Summer of 2008

Visible here is the welded steel transmission tunnel.

The 2 big red knobs are controls for the 4x4 system. These simply disconnect the front and back of the propshaft from the transmission.

The blue knob (from the 2CV World Meeting at Kelso in Scotland) operates the normal 2CV-type gear change.

I bought a set of tan brown Targa vinyl 2CV seat covers - but I've never got round to fitting the rear one, which will need modifying to fit the folding "Weekend" seat. I'm now contemplating fitting some modern seats (with headreasts) from a Saxo or similar. I am increasingly unhappy nowadays driving on the motorway without head restraints.

The only concessions to comfort in this car are seats and rubber mats. There is no sound proofing or felt headlining (the wiring now runs along the chassis) - or anything else which might trap moisture. I was determined to do everything I could to ensure longevity . . .