Dyane 4x4 - powder-coating

Some of the parts which were powder-coated. I have found this to be one of the best methods to protect mild steel against corrosion, but beware cheap powder-coating services. Much of the quality and skill is in the preparation.

The parts list was comprehensive:
Front inner wings (later over sprayed in body colour), front brake ducts, battery bracket, pedal bracket, all bumper brackets, front wing stays, seat runners, tailgate X-member, front goal post (bonnet slam panel - this was a brand-new part) - etc. etc..

The rear chassis extensions seen under the battery carrier were fabricated to allow a rear bumper to be fitted to the 4x4 chassis (which doesn't extend beyond the rear transmission mounting). They were later joined with a welded x-member immediately behind the bumper to allow a tow ball to be mounted.