Dyane 4x4 reassembly

These details show the level of care taken while putting the car back together.

(top left) The slightly nerve-wracking job of cutting out precise holes for the front indicators.

(top right) Later on with indicators fitted and black vinyl wing piping in place. New headlamp adjusters were sourced from 2CVGB.

(lower left) Many Dyanes have poorly-adjusted bonnet catches - this often results in damage to the nose of the bonnet from pushing down too hard. Good bonnets are very hard to find nowadays.

(lower right) The inner front wings have to be carefully aligned, so that the outer wings fit properly. The non-standard chassis AND fibreglass wings mean nothing quite fitted as original. The front end of my 20mm square sill strengthener can be seen here - after wax treatment the open ends get closed off by the wing piping.