Dyane 4x4 - seat belts

In an effort to make the car as safe as possible in today's traffic conditions, I wanted to fit effective seat belts in the rear. Later Dyanes aleady have modern inertia belts in the front, but often have no belts (or badly fitted fixed units) in the back.

The 4x4 now has inertia reels fitted either side of the boot. I found some reinforcing brackets in my spares (from Ami 8 front inertia belts I think), and some home-made strips underneath to strengthen the floor/inner wing area (this is a part of the shell modified to clear the rear diff on the 4x4, but it would probably still work OK with suitable strengthening on a normal Dyane or 2CV).

The angled brackets holding the 'pulleys' which the belts slide through are mounted on the tailgate frame. Because this is not strong enough on its own, I bolted some pieces of flat bar into the channel to spread the (potential) loads (see picture top right).

*The intention is, of course, NEVER to test the system to find out if it actually works - so I cannot recommend this method of fitting belts to anyone else (just in case the Health and Safety Police ever read this).