Dyane 4x4 - rebuilt! - Summer of 2008

The shot clearly shows the modified sills previously mentioned. Small round repeated indicators (similar to a late-model 2CV) are mounted in the back of the front (fibrglass) wings. These have now been replace with sealed LED strips at the top of the 'A' panels.

Folllowing cavity wax treatment, the car was immediately pressed into service as our second daily driver, and has been well-used ever since (particularly in the Winter when the 4x4 system makes it almost un-stoppable).

Because the rear drive shafts get in the way of a standard exhaust system, it has always used a 2CV Van (side exit) tail pipe. This has never really been satisfactory because it is immediately under the LH rear door. As I write this (late November of 2013) I've just bought some pieces of stainless steel 1.5" pipe off the interweb and I'm waiting for my friend and ace welder Ian Broscombe to magic them into a special tail pipe which will be routed over the top of the drive shaft and exit in the normal place under the left side of the rear bumper.