Dyane 4x4 - rear lamps

It has been recognised in 2CVGB that Dyane rear lights are not really bright enough for use on modern roads.

They have responded by selling exchange lamp base plates with capacity for higher wattage bulbs.

At about the same time as these first appeared I was already converting my lamps with these 3-LED modules, which are very effective (and seem to be lasting well).

I replaced the sidelight festoon fitting (on the left of this lamp) with one module, which is wired to a second positioned next to the indicator bulb.

The brake light now used an LED bulb, which is also wire to a module next to it.

The indicator seems bright enough with a conventional 21w bulb - saving adding resistors necessary to make the flasher can function with low wattage LEDs)

I fitted repeater units (which can also be seen from behind) on the back of the front wings, but these have now been removed to to problems with water ingress. LED repeaters are now fitted at the top of the 'A' panels (just under the edges of the bonnet).

The LED modules are not waterproof, but I always smear a little grease (or vaseline) on the lense seal to keep them dry.

I soon realised that I should have used RED LED bulbs and modules, because they shone too 'light' to keep the MOT tester happy. I got around the problem by glueing red acetate film inside the lense.

The photos above show the comparison:

Upper photo - sidelamps only switched on, original on the left, LED conversion on the right.

Lower photo - sidelamps AND brakes both on, original on the left, LED conversion on the right.

As you can see, it is not just the extra 'brightness' which makes them so much more effective - but the extra 'spread' of light.