oats royd barn
arched window

Under the name 77 Design (pronounced seven seven) Dan Fletcher has operated a Graphic Design business (originally at Silsden) since 1989/90. Hilly Fletcher was also running her own company (BMW Graphics) in north London when the two met and joined forces in 1994.

77 Design continues to provide clients both locally and nationally with a variety of print design and promotional services, along with web site design.

More recently (partly as result of experience gained in the conversion of Oats Royd Barn - but also due to other long held interests) we have sought commissions in three other areas of design: Product, Furniture and Interior.

These design disciplines have a lot more in common with Graphics (for print and web) than one might imagine; proportion, balance, colour, texture - to name but a few. Also, there are often fresh ideas to be gained by crossing the commonly perceived boundaries between different areas of design.

Hilly is now also having some success in the Fine art / Photography fields - see her Art Gallery.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss (without any obligation) projects involving any of these areas - or, of course come and stay at Oats Royd Barn to experience our style of interior living.

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