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The Barn is home to an eclectic group of old and unusual cars.

We welcome all motoring enthusiasts who like to use their classic vehicles for touring. For guests in our Self Catering Apartment there is ample off-road parking, and in some circumstances (very valuable or vintage cars) we may even be able to provide stabling.

A Mixed Bunch of mostly CitroŽns - our small collection currently comprises:

1975 CitroŽn Dyane 6 - Hilly bought Orangina in 1992. This car is still in good original condition but was 'resting' for about 15 years. In 2015/16 she was 'recomissioned', and is now in almost daily use as our second car.

DRK 3-Wheeler - aluminium and timber bodied Renault Special, assembled by Dan in 1987 from a high quality kit. One of about 60 in existence. Used to be dark blue and travelled to Germany and LeMans in the late 80's. Back on the road in '02 after long rebuild and colour change. Following a 6-year layup'07 to 2013, continued development saw the car take a rather different form in 2014. Fast & Scary, and the mudguard stays crack, but you get hooked. See some old Club DRK pictures

Following the sale of our 1964 Slough-built ID Safari a few years ago, in January 2011 we fulfilled a need to join CitroŽn DS ranks once again, and purchased a part-restored 1968 CitroŽn ID19 from Graham Morton of GMVS near Holmfirth. See details of restoration work at GMVS and elsewhere.

NOW SOLD 1980 CitroŽn Dyane 6 4X4. In 2000 bought a yellow car off our friend John Sobey (who is well known to those in CitroŽn circles). A few years later, Lemongina was made into a 4-wheel drive by Louis Barbour who has been slowly developing his simple but well engineered conversion for many years now. More recently (2007/2008) she has undergone a comprehensive body rebuild, which included completely stripping the shell of all paint and seam-sealer and epoxy-priming, before re-sealing and painting. The car was carefully reassembled by me, using some high quality fibreglass wings from Bob Marshall at Isle Twins (who sadly has moved to France now). It should last a few years of Yorkshire Winters now . . . See pictures of the Dyane 4X4

NOW SOLD 1977 CitroŽn Ami 8 Convertible (LHD). See full description with links to detail pictures.

NOW SOLD 1975 CitroŽn GS 1220 Club Estate (RHD). See full description with links to detail pictures.

NOW SOLD 1960 MGA (modified). Bought by Dan when he was still a student in 1979, as the proverbial pile of bits (most missing!) and rebuilt over an 11 year period.


Ami 8 Trailer - over the winter of 2008/9 I built a Trailer to match the Ami Cabrio - the excuse for doing this was being able to fit the family + all the camping gear etc. in it, for 2CV camps and holidays. In reality, the main reason is just to show off when we get there . . .This is a very complicated trailer - my friend Ian Broscombe and I built a special chassis which uses modified 2CV suspension arms upside down; so that the tie-rods and springs point backwards instead of forwards. This means the whole suspension assembly is much shorter and better balanced for a relatively lightweight trailer. The body consists of 2 pairs of fibreglass Ami 8 rear wings, cut and grafted together end to end + 2 fibreglass boot panels, all hung on an aluminium frame, with ali inner panels. It was displayed at the 2009 and 2010 2CVGB Nationals. See photos of Trailer build.

NOW SOLD Ugly Bug Fiat Multipla,replaced our VW Camper a few years ago. It is the only people carrier (6 seats and very short / easy to park) available with any really original thought inherent in its design. It's not old, but it is interesting and great to drive (like a huge Mini - but you can see over hedges).